Baptisia alba-White Wild Indigo

White Wild Indigo is a distinctive and adaptable plant that grows quickly in full or partial sun in all but the wettest soil conditions. Rising 4 feet on upright, woody stems, it has a shrub-like form that contrasts nicely with surrounding herbaceous plants. Clusters of white flowers sprout from dark gray stalks that rise above dense but delicate bluish-gray foliage. After pollination, seed pods form and often persist through the winter, turning black and providing year-round visual interest. It is a nitrogen-fixing plant that enriches the soil and provides essential nutrients for its garden neighbors. It attracts numerous pollinators and is a larval host plant for a broad range of butterflies, skippers, and moths.

Sun: Full, Partial

Soil: Medium-Wet, Medium, Medium-Dry, Dry

Bloom Time: June, July

Color: White

Height: 4 ft



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