Bring Your Home or Business Landscape to Life With Native Plants and Natural Hardscapes

We are a full-service native landscape design and construction firm, serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for more than 10 years.

Beautify your space and enrich the environment using the power of native plants and natural hardscapes, featuring clay brick and stone. Our designs are rooted in the philosophy that being good stewards of the earth means planting with the local ecosystem in mind. We design, install, and steward lush, vibrant outdoor spaces using only native plants.

Our Services

Landscape Design, Installation, and Stewardship

We are a full service native plant landscaping and design firm. We plant only native plants–the straight species! Our designs and installations range from city parkways to corporate campuses, and focus on creating positive environmental impact while delighting all who see our gardens and installations. 

Using deep-rooted native plants, paired with simple but powerful design techniques, we turn the water flowing through your property into a resource that nourishes your garden. The result is a garden that supports wildlife and pollinators, effectively manages rain, and beautifies your space. 

Our services include:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Stewardship


Meet Our Native Plant Experts

When you hire Red Stem, you’re getting a team of experienced designers and plant care professionals who are well versed in the use of native plants in the garden setting and their positive effects on the environment.


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Work with us to see the possibilities that exist for your outdoor space. Be the envy of your street while welcoming birds, butterflies, and bees. To get started, book a consultation with one of our designers and start the journey toward the native garden of your dreams.


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