Anemone virginiana- Tall Thimbleweed

The white, 1in wide blooms of Tall Thimbleweed rise on slender stems above low-growing foliage and feature a greenish thimble-shaped cluster of stamens at their center. Once pollinated, they develop an attractive seedhead that becomes fluffy as it matures, allowing the wind to disperse its seeds. Seedheads remain on the plant through fall and into the winter, providing multi-season interest as well as late-season food for birds. It thrives in any light condition and in all but the wettest soils. Its clump-forming habit and dense root system can help stabilize soil and prevent erosion. It is both deer and rabbit-resistant

Sun: Full, Partial, Shade

Soil: Medium, Medium-Dry

Bloom Time: June, July, August

Color: White

Height: 3ft