Consultation. A great native plant landscape plan starts with a conversation and a walkthrough during which you tell us how you want to use your space, what problems must be solved, and what your preferences are. We listen, we look at the contours of the property and architectural style, we take note of the soil and existing conditions. We give you an idea of the plantings and other features we would propose and you decide whether or not to proceed with a design and proposal.

Design and Proposal. We create a rendering of your landscape plan and proposal with detailed steps and costs. Design charges depend on the size and complexity of the project and a 50% design deposit is due before we start. Once we have created your design, we meet with you to answer questions you may have and to make adjustments. Once our proposal is approved, we set a date to begin work! 

Installation. This is our favorite part, where dreams become reality. We get our shovels into the dirt and shape the landscape. We remove lawn and sculpt rain gardens, we place the trees, shrubs, and wildflowers in their new homes, we build paths and structures—in short, we create the beautiful landscape we have designed for you.

Stewardship. Native plant gardens require less maintenance than traditional landscapes, and once established do not require watering except during periods of drought. They require no fertilization and no pesticides. But nature doesn’t stand still, and to survive weed incursion and look their best, a designed native plant garden requires a regimen of stewardship that might include weeding, pruning, deadheading, moving or removing plants, bringing in new plants, and spring and fall cleanup—the same work any garden would require. If you have the time and love to garden, you may want to care for your new garden. But if you don’t we strongly encourage you to sign on to our stewardship program.