How we create your beautiful native garden

Through an alchemy of site conditions, client needs, designer expertise, installation, and stewardship staff, we create a landscape that will enhance your property's beauty and its environmental impact.


One of our talented designers will meet with you on your property. During the initial visit, the designer will asses soil and light qualities, and discuss your hopes and needs for your new garden. By the end of our consultation, we will be able to share what it will cost to provide you with a design. 

We charge $100 for this one-hour meeting. This is credited to your installation if you move forward with your garden.



Taking inspiration from your property and how you hope to use it, as well as their extensive native plant expertise, our designers craft a detailed drawing, plant list, and proposal for your new garden.

The design fee depends on the size and complexity of the project, typically from $650 to $1,600. Larger or more complex projects may have a higher fee.


When you approve the design and proposal, we set an installation date and order plants and materials. On the day of installation, our designer and installation crew arrive, prep the site, and begin planting. Installation takes one to three days depending on project size.

The establishment process

Typically we install about 80% of the perennial plants in each installation as plugs. These small-but-mighty plants establish quickly, and, with adequate watering, you can expect them to grow significantly in the first months.

Sun gardens will grow much faster than shade gardens. Perennial gardens mature fully in about three years, and watering and weeding are critical during this period. Once native gardens are established, they will only require watering during drought conditions.


Our skilled stewardship staff typically comes to your garden monthly. Early in the life of the garden, the crew focuses on weeding and ensuring successful establishment.

In established gardens, the crew maintains the balance of plants in the garden, staking, trimming, moving, or removing plants as needed. We highly recommend stewardship to keep your garden looking its best.


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